“I’m Looking For Driven, 
High Performing Men And Women 
Who Are Ready To Go To The Next Level”
If You’re A Successful Professional But Want To Get Your Health & Fitness Back On Track, I Will 
PERSONALLY Work With You To Help You Transform Your Body Over The Next 12 Weeks....
Are you...
  •  Eager to finally start seeing results in the gym? 
  •  Can’t figure out how much food you should be eating, calculating your macros, when to make adjustments, or what types of foods you should choose? 
  •  Consistently losing weight, regaining, losing, and regaining – “yo-yo dieting”, and can’t seem to find any sustainable balance? 
  •  Obsessed with learning the science, and application of health, fitness, and physique building? 
  •  Looking for a community to help support, and pick you up? 
  •  Tired of wasting money, on bullshit “plans”, and ready for an actual coach/ mentor to drive you towards your vision? 
  •  Ready to become the BEST, most confident and most “unfuckwithable” version of yourself?
  •  Ready to start actually feeling yourself, and showing up in your best way? 
  •  Do you love pizza? Ok… now I’m reaching…. But seriously, if you answered yes to any of these, we can help!
Why My Unique Approach To Coaching
 Is The Vehicle You’re 
Looking For…
Hi, my name is Jordan Dugger and I have a deep burning desire for helping individuals fulfill their vision.
I specialize in sustainable, and flexible approaches to gaining muscle, losing fat, and completely transforming bodies.
There will be no quick fixes, gimmicks, cookie cutter bullshit here. 
Simply put: we will apply tools and evidence-based approaches that will build a foundation for you to succeed.
From high performing professionals, surgeons, doctors, executives, and entrepreneurs, to competitive physique athletes, or those just starting out, and have a willingness to learn and be coachable.
My team and I will help structure, and implement a strategy that’s right for your own unique circumstances, biology, and goals.
I want to push you, hold you accountable, and guide you to ensure you perform and show up as your best self.

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3 pillars to a successful transformation:

Nutrition & Supplementation: We’re going to build a diet 100% customized to you.

1. Nutrition cheat sheet -how to setup your meals, and foods to choose from. 
2. Receive education on how to structure your diet in a flexible, sustainable way. Including eating out, alcohol, free meals.
3. Supplement plan tailored to help with your specific goals.

Training: Access to the DuggAesthetics mobile app

1. Step by step instruction on movements (with video instruction), form, exercise execution techniques and tempo. 
2. Form review: we will review your form and intensity to ensure progression.
3. Tailored program 100% custom to your unique goals, and structure.

Accountability & Coaching

1. Access to myself, and two assistant coaches 24/7 for support. We will be a team in your corner ensuring progression, and keeping you on track.
2. Community: access to client only Facebook group. Live Q&As with coaches, and exclusive content and education. 
3. Weekly check ins with coaches.
See Some Of Our Client Wins!
You Are Only 12 Weeks Away From Changing 
Your Life For Good…
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From Other Members Of The Dugg Aesthetics Coaching Program:
"In the three months that I have been working with him...it's beyond what I could have hoped for..."
"I was hitting personal records that I never dreamed of hitting...deadlifting 315 lbs and benching 180 lbs..."
"I had worked with previous coaches before and always felt...undereducated when it came to my training..."
"I couldn't be happier...It's been such a lifestyle change and I couldn't be any happier..."
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